Serving the betterment of Society!

If the mind and mouth belong to the body, what belongs to the soul?

We speak of infinite tales of mankind and its growth. We speak boldly of integrity and justice. We assert our views and want to see developments likewise.

Here is the problem, All of these end up becoming our wants and not are needs. There is need for global change , NEED for people to understand their are rat holes and flaws in the manner we are working.

But when we address it we switch to impersonal terms like “want”. Now , we NEED to understand the difference between both.

Wants can be delayed, Needs can’t. Wants are wishes and Needs are requirements and when there is a need for change , we need to learn to be it ,need for development – Do it.

The world is your family and if your family needs something to be done what is holding us back.

Opinion is your mere view on the matter. Service is your solution to the matter.

Our world needs service not opinions.

Let your body express the views of your soul ,not of selfish and self centric needs of the body

And when we shall achieve this quality as humans. I am sure that Service to mankind will be our priority.

Be the change you that you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Be Inspired..

Stay Safe , Stay Home…

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