Development Vs Devil- opement

The society is based on change and development. Development can be sometimes inferred to as revolutionary change.

But at cost of what?

The integrity of Developmental activities around us often makes us ponder upon what is this to gain and what will it cost us. Their is no monetary reference when I highlight the cost of development. It consists of society , culture , Environment and all basic humane roots and values.

Here is where we see the complete difference between development and Devil – opement.

Their are changes needed for development not costs.

Development refers to the upward building of society around roots and values. The point to take into consideration is that no human values are comprised in this process.

This is the thin margin between development and Devil- opement

But many of us have failed to realize it.

Let me take industries and environment as an analogy to explain the dialogue. Industries ease human life in utmost infinite ways. Providing Jobs, Machines ,Tools and food to mention the least. But when human pleasure tool top priority in the list, Environment was compromised.

In a world , when both anthropological and Environmental factor are supposed to live in co – existence through interdependent development and not by paristic exploitation that one has been causing the other.

Development must occurs it is as natural as any other processes but the drivers of such processes must be considerate about possible damages caused to any value.

This may be interpreted in many perceptions but mostly importantly while interpreting development don’t only consider how much better it has done for one side of things but also the other factors in play .


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16 thoughts on “Development Vs Devil- opement

  1. Hey, this was absolutely well said. I appreciate what I read; it’s always good to have such friendly vital reminders. Development can feel like #Devil-opment sometimes 😂😂

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  2. Hello there! This is a good explanation Anthropology and Philosophy wise, I would recommend you dig in “El Buen Vivir” it follows this line of thought and I am sure you will love it!

    We also comment-it in our blog (we specialize in Development). Development itself started since growth was a thing… but this new era aims for a new way out… Sustainable Development, nevertheless this expects a new chain of command for premises. You see, your words are in everyone’s mouth, but Neoliberal policies are to much of a current.

    Money over anything, even before ourselves… right?


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