Chase Dreams not Illusions!

Thoughts are surfacing my mind like lotus on ponds and my mind tends to ponder today on a very perspective based topic.

What is a Dream and What are the worldly Illusions?

For most people the lines between dreams and illusions are blurred by a thick fog to material wants and desires. Our mind gets clogged by these unnecessary forces and blinds our foresight to beyond. The cravings that a confused mind looks to are nothing but Illusionary desires.

These Illusionary Desires tend to pleasure only human material wants but not the needs required for your spiritual atom and starving mind.

The ignorance of yourself often tends people to run behind these illusions.

Then what are dreams?

Dreams energizes your inner self. You strive towards acquiring knowledge. You strive towards fulfilling the wants of the soul and the material wants of the body as well.

When the soul is satisfied, the entire system tends to satisfy itself. I would believe that it is like an interdependent working eco system that exists between the body and soul, where the soul is the ultimate and the body , secondary.

Now that we have understood how it works. We can start filling the requirements of our souls. Chose to Learn and Become.

Keep Thinking

Stay Home , Stay Safe.

Be Inspired….

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