Everything starts from Nothing!

I am lost in deep thought today and the stories of origin is what provokes my undisturbed mind. I feel as light as the clear water on the lake surface but the my own reflection in the clear blue skies makes me think that is it true that everything starts from nothing.

The consciousness of the human mind is as wide as the cosmos. Understanding it’s works is impossible. It withholds our every action , we owe our presence and sense of existence to this unfelt driving force.

Every man who has climbed the rungs of life one by one will admit that he once was nothing but now holds at least some substantial matter.

What is “Nothing”?

Nothing is no reference to empty in state of mind.

Nothing means submission of yourself to learn more.

The one who has gained the power of “Nothing” will evolve into something. The Rest will be forced to only ponder upon the little thinking space they have.

Probably you have understood now that “Nothing” is the vastness of your mind and How much it wants to know. This word is probably significant of Mind dynamics.

Everything has started from Nothing.

Not only Am I saying it but universe holds proof that our existence started from nothing. Nothing which means “insignificant” is truly significant if we try to understand the stories of evolution it is trying to convey. Our minds might only take things literally sometimes but our deep thought unlocks our minds abilities. It creates the thoughts about everything even with “Nothing”.

Let’s Keep thinking..

Stay Home , Stay Safe

Be Inspired….

9 thoughts on “Everything starts from Nothing!

  1. It seems you visited my blog, didn’t comment on my work, and only requested a “follow”. If you are going to be that transactional, it seems a follow from you would be a nice first gesture.


  2. Wow!!!! It’s amazing. You are actually writing something very close to human psychology. It’s pretty hard to crack, you know!! Perhaps some subject that is not completely understood!!👍👍👍👍

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