Prevention is better than Cure!

The start of the decade began with the rampant spread of the novel Corona virus which has become a Pandemic in the past few weeks. In times like these we need to understand what are the best practices which will keep us and our families safe from the virus which might lurk around any corner.

Moving around to gather essential commodities is inevitable but during this period , I believe it is better to stock up for a few days on the least and not move around regularly.

Moving around exposes you the risk of contacting other carriers, so wear a mask and carry sanitizer. Sanitize frequently to avoid the virus from retaining on your skin surface for long. Use Sanitizer which contain alcohol as they are more effective.

It is said that washing your hands up to 20 seconds , kill the virus.

Don’t Panic as nearly 90% of the people affected recover.

But Prevention is better than Cure.

Social Distancing is a must. Stay at least at a safe distance from everyone around while shopping for essential commodities. Try to keep distance from any person who is sneezing frequently or has a fever. Be responsible and ask the person to visit a nearby doctor.

This is one of the greatest challenges mankind is facing and together we can overcome it and flatten the curve.

Their is no better way than prevention in this case. Quarantine in the house as long as possible and try to stay safe.

Be inspired and stay positive as this challenge will crossed by mankind and we shall emerge victorious.

Stay Safe and Stay Home.

4 thoughts on “Prevention is better than Cure!

  1. You are right.. absolutely! I wish this could reach to the hundreds out there who are still violating the limits set by the govt, not knowing that it is for their own good.
    An informative article, but pls do add that using sanitizers are good but people consume food these days after rubbing sanitizers into their hand, instead of washing their hands. Sanitizers contain chemicals that are hazardous if consumed. If you could reach this message to the people, it would be helpful!

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