What is NORMAL??

The word NORMAL in case of mindset is probably far off from what it’s definition states. Their is no particular NORMAL for all except in some cases.

For some arguing and getting into fights is normal and for others the act of fighting itself is away from normal.

This NORMAL is actually our minds instrument to find the ideal conditions for our personality. Everyone’s definition of Normal differs from the other.

Sometimes what we think as normal determines our acceptability and permeability into the society. You get along fast with people if being extrovert is your normal and vice versa.

“NORMAL” is like a weigh scale of the situation around which your mind uses. That’s why many people try to normalise situations in the way they feel comfortable.

This word “Normal” is also related to the Platonic Idea or Plato’s Theory of Forms. Let me give you a brief about it.

Everything that we see , our mind already has a pre – conceived notion about how the perfect of that material should look. This Form and the Idea our Brian produces is nothing but the answer to what our brain thinks is our normal.

It’s funny how we had to turn to ancient Greek philosophy for the answers to a contemporary question.

Actually, History has answered everything. We just need to find it.

“Ideas are the source of all things.”
– Plato

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11 thoughts on “What is NORMAL??

      1. Of course. I am doing a wide research actually, upon the society and the stereotypes that exists from ages. And yeah, I will publish it soon. Thanks for the support.

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