Fears of the Blank Page!

We , The blogging community consist of passionate writers. We wake up everyday determined to put out the best content for people to read. The only fear that haunts us is the fear of the Blank page.

For those of you who haven’t understood what this fear is, It is the fear to not being able to produce content. Thus, leaving the page blank.

All of us have experienced this sometime along our writing journey.

But it doesn’t matter what haunts us.

Our Passion shall always exceed our fears and our hands shall never stop writing because we have been served with a power. The power to spread a message amongst the people and if we don’t realize that , only then will these tiny fears make way into our mind.

A Bloggers mindset is unique. We overflow our experiences and emotions on paper so that another person gets to feel what we have already felt. This spontaneous overflow of emotions was quoted in William Wordsworth’s Theory of Poetry.

Any form of writing demands not only a clear mind but a dedicated passion and focus to create a masterpiece.

Writing is like painting a masterpiece only that it is nothing like painting a masterpiece

We should be feeling blessed and shall make good use of the art form bestowed upon us.

Remember Passion, focus , Dedication and a clear mind will never let your page be blank ever again.

Stay Home , Stay Safe.

Be Inspired and Keep creating.

13 thoughts on “Fears of the Blank Page!

  1. What you expressed in this article is exactly what you mean by ‘write from the heart’. You did good research on the topic and presented it in an edible manner. Sometimes people force themself to write, in unfavorable conditions. That turn out to be … Not so good. This is from my own experience. When ever you feel like putting down your thoughts, do it then. You are bound to do a masterpiece then!

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  2. Its true. The idea which you shared is what it is called Writer’s block in literary world and this is quite common for any writers, to go blank in sometimes or the other, quite like a blank paper. You said it well. ,🤩💯👍

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  3. How I love this piece. I have been struggling with writer’s block for the past week and only just overcame it and put out content on the blog. I have been writing professionally for the past 3 years now and I can tell you its a fear that never goes away. I, however, try to make everyday count and put my best foot forward.

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