Our Heroes wear MASKS!!

Today, We applaud our soldiers in the medical field who have been on the frontline since the break of the Pandemic. I believe that their should be a global appreciation for the doctors, nurses , pharmacists, pathology and all those who are risking their lives to save those in need.

Their have been many instances and I believe it should continue like in London people clapped for the medical workers as so even in India on day of Janta Curfew, people applauded their services.

These heroes are actual life savers much alike our fictional superheros they also wear masks and save lives.

These masked heroes can be compared to the soldiers on the borderlines who take a bullet smiling for their country and service. These heroes , our doctors, selflessly continue to serve us in the hour of need even though they are well aware of the risks. We should realize that their bravery is much greater than anything we imagine of.

They sacrifice going home, meeting their families and playing with their children just to serve the public.

None but a hero can make such sacrifice. The society is lucky as we have millions of heroes to save us in this hour of need.

I believe that the saying is very true that ” Doctors are a form of God themselves”.

I urge you that next time you meet a doctor tell him/her of his greatness and that he is the actual superman who is saving the world.


16 thoughts on “Our Heroes wear MASKS!!

  1. Your post is a good one. But, I’d like to add One more type of superhero. I’m thinking of people who have to work at grocery stores, and gas stations. Bait to put their lives at risk for the public. They also have to sacrifice time with their kids. My brother is a manager at Costco, and I worry about him every day.

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  2. You are right, they are our modern day superheroes except/sans being a “form of God themselves”. God is God. We really appreciate their sacrifices (while we enjoy in our comforts) to make our world (the things we enjoy before) back to normalcy. Kudos to the doctors, other health professionals, and those in the frontlines serving us!

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  3. Well done, on the post. Wish there was another way to PM you. There are some additional feedback we would like to give you that would absolutely be beneficial to this post and any future post you make.
    Let us know how we can reach you. Keep up the inspirational work.

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  4. I totally agree. Although this is what they train for, I doubt many expected it to be like this. My son is in Health Care, but not front line. Even so, he may be pressed into service as this thing progresses. I just hope he gets the proper PPE. Too bad some groups, in their rush to save their citizens seem to be conspiring against other groups, instead of cooperating. Stay well.

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  5. I believe that the saying is very true that ” Doctors are a form of God themselves”.
    I wouldn’t go that far. Doctors are human beings, capable of bravery and cowardice like the rest. And we are far from omnipotent or omniscient.
    When you try to thank a war veteran or their service they will almost always say that they were just doing their duty. That’s how doctors feel right now: “We signed up for this. Let’s buckle down and do the job.”

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