Staying positive during Quarantine!

The coronavirus has forced the world to shut down. Empty streets and alleys and deserted cities. No one would have imagined that the beginning of 2020 would take off like this. But it is important to stay positive even during these tough times.

Quarantine is not jail. People should practice it during this time to keep themselves as well as the society safe from any chance of infection. We should learn to stay positive during Quarantine and explore new things with the time we have inside our homes.

We can consider staying in quarantine a service to the community as it is a step towards flattening the curve of the deadly Covid-19 infection. If everyone understands the significance and quarantines themselves for a few months on the least, humanity will be greatly served.

We shall try to avoid any unnecessary movement and only move to gather required essentials.

We are in a critical time period and only staying positive will pull us through. If you are positive, your positivity will resonant in the people around you and cheer them up.

Stay positive during Quarantine and have a to – do list. Keeping your mind contend will help you stay focused and keep you positive. Remember there is no reason to fear as everyone is trying their best to cure this virus.

Have hope and faith in God and our Corona heroes. They will surely find a way .

Remember as long as you are positive, you have already won half the war against this virus.

Stay home and Stay Safe.

And Keep your positivity high during Quarantine.


14 thoughts on “Staying positive during Quarantine!

  1. Your posts are so helpful at this difficult time. The thought of being forced to stay home was, at first, terrible. Now I feel as if I have a calm focus that I lack when I am juggling so many things at once. Keep writing 😊

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