Humanity is the Need of The Hour!

Greetings Readers, I acknowledge that it has been a long break since my last article came out but I have been caught up in school examinations.

Today, Let me acknowledge that we are in a crisis of sorts which humans have never seen before. We are all in it together. If we unite, we all overcome and If we don’t we all vanish.

A Deadly Disease Corona has posed an existential crisis for us but there is no requirement for us to panic. I believe HUMANITY will find a way.

In this very hour, We just have to learn to co operate with our government. Our fellow brothers and Sisters, in the medical field are fighting on the frontline against this threat. This is a war without weapons and the only solution is HUMANITY.

Our Brothers and sisters in the society require our support to boost them to fight against this disease. The societal unity which will be shown today will determine the history which will be heard tomorrow.

It is not the time to be irresponsible and fill people’s minds with negative thoughts. It is a time to stand up as one Positive force which is ready to face anything that comes ahead.

We will fight this as one.

In Human history, it will be the first time that no one will boast differentiated views, no one will speak of wisdom and war and no one will undermine each other because our enemy is now a virus which doesn’t discriminate Big or small , rich or poor , gold or rag , developed or underdeveloped. IT AFFECTS US ALL!

WITH Positive hope I will tell you , that we will fight this and overcome a great victory of Humanity.

In this War against Time , show some humanity and humankind shall survive to see the light tomorrow.

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