The unsaid chaos in the valley of the mind

The human mind often drifts into thoughts and process which it initially feels repulse too. The availability of surplus time during the pandemic has seen many people move into such thoughts. The restlessness of the mind is contextual to each persons scenario but holds two particular features in common.

Humans, maybe the most advanced spices on the planet but along with this advancement it brings sensitivity to actions and perception of emotions which cannot be described by mere words. This can be described as the inherent flaw of advancement.

Humans are flawed in many ways, but these flaws make us human and pondering upon these flaws induces the sensitivity to the above two feelings.

What is uncertainty of future & what can be done about it?

I am not an expert, frankly no one is, but to describe uncertainty of future in a phrase would be “the lack of clarity of the present”.

Time is process whose basic mechanism is continuity. To put this in context, if the actions of the present were to sow seeds, the time in the future will yield fruit.

The uncertainty is a natural survival instinct humans have bred since the start of times. First, for food and famine and now for wealth and greed. The understanding and observance of this mechanism and forward planning and clear this uncertainty to a large extent. This is probably the only objective solution, to this rather largely objective problem.

What is the regret of the past and what can be done about it?

This question is a rather sensitive one. Everyone has their own regrets and regrets are an essential part of human life but the problem arises when these regrets start feeding off the persons positive energy and take a vicious form.

Then what can be done about this? Truth is nothing can be done about it. There is a vast difference between regretting and repenting. If a person can genuinely repent on his mistakes, character development will follow naturally and life can move on.

In short terms, start repenting and stop regretting.

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16 thoughts on “The unsaid chaos in the valley of the mind

  1. I believe it is our flaws that make us so unique and individual. Without those flaws, I have no incentive to learn and evolve and grow past one flaw into another. I have my regrets too but, having taken away a lesson after each stumble, I go forth with a raised level of awareness and consciousness about not only myself but also what ripples my choices may send out.
    Thank you for sharing your ruminations on one valley of the mind!

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  2. Loving the detail in this! I think it’s very true what you said, sometime I definitely am too fixated on past mistakes or think about the future, I definitely need to try and live in the moment more! Great post! x

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