Model of Modern Co-operation in Man and Society

Since the start of times the race of humanity has being characterized by

“Antagonistic co – operation”

What is this antagonistic co operation?

In its essence the word when philosophically perceived will hint to the right direction. The word means that man co operates not to assimilate into the nature of society and create stages of peace of harmony but rather just temporarily accomodates his mind set with the ones to which he conflicts and the ones of which he co operates to ensure is only mere survival in the society.

Man is a social animal – Aristotle

This quote above syncs in to what antagonistic co operation is. It is what I like to deem as forced social adaption much like the birds who learn to fly for their own good; man learns to adapt with is surrounding for the same reason.

Now you would ask me, then why is there any room for conflict in the society?

The answer lies in the tired wings which cannot flap all the time. A mask is only as comfortable as the wear deems it to be. In a similar way, man by nature is a creature built for anarchy and engagement of conflicting jealously with its fellows. This exact nature of man leads it to create conflict out of the most trivial of issues as the man’s mind in its masked state would view it as.

You might question my theory on basis of the evolution of man and his civilization over years of time.

The answer is simple, man hasn’t actually ever tapped his evolutionary potential to grow in the social sphere is mask of social interaction has just grown and become more refined. This is what I call civilization.

To support my statement, I would like you to ponder upon the question of if man had evolved enough to understand the full potential of peace and harmony, why is the world only increasing in its unrest and array of problems which is nothing but conflict.

Man will say that conflict is the stepping stones and process of change to occur to in all honesty if viewed no conflict in the world is actually ever solved it is just set back to a state of dormancy waiting for stimulus to grow back again and give roots to a new movement.

To cover these tracks of mass conflict like ancient time the more “refined man” has resorted to take up the trends of antagonistic co operation.

The formation of Antagonistic co operative units lower the tensions between two opposing parties by allowing them to jointly monopolize on the desired reward as an unit.

These methods will finally lead to positive social behavior and interaction between even two opposing justifying the co existence of man with his different form yet man like friends forming the roots of society.

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One thought on “Model of Modern Co-operation in Man and Society

  1. Interesting ideas here! My own view is that humans are greedy … and arrogant. It is built into their very being. The arrogance leads some to believe they are somehow superior to those whose skin is darker, who don’t share the same religious beliefs, who are somehow ‘different’. And the greed ensures that humans will always be trying to take something that somebody else has. These two things have been the basis of every war ever fought, and I think humans are on a path of self-extinction from which they will not veer. Not trying to be negative, just realistic. Nearly 70 years of observing the human species has led me to this conclusion.

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