Voiceless voice of an opinion

The personal tales of the world around me revolves around the status quo of democracy which sets it’s foundation around the cause of listening to both the sides and understanding the need of all and the many in their country.

Modern day democracy has evolved into the different concepts of enlightened despots, only very exceptional leaders have actually payed heed to the grievances and problems of the people and the explored the means of remediation. Today, I will not explore the darker side of the exploitation of these powers but rather the state of the exploited. Every opinion needs a voice and the voice is the vehicle of the opinion leading to change.
Look around you into your society, how many do you find actually hold the bargaining capacity to fight out their voice to the mainstream. The truth is everyone has lost the courage to and those who hold this capacity are complacent to do so. This voice to the opinion of the exploited only comes seasonally in the period of voting and fades way in an instant after that.

The truth is the lost ideals of democracy needs to be restored by the critical thinking of the system that revolves around us. Their is no use blaming the system rather it is a very beautifully designed one. It may sound contradictory but let me point out an analogy to put context to this,

It’s is like the chain of a bicycle, if you don’t use it efficiently , it is evident that the rust will set out to grip it back only further.
The state of the exploited only gets worse by the day and only remedy lies in the system which has been rusted. Every voice needs to be heard and every story needs to be told. We are social animals and we require to help the exploited raise their voice or raise our voice for them.

These thoughts clung on to mind when I took an outlook to the differences in the society and cause of their existence, so I thought it was worth writing on it.

Thanks for reading.

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7 thoughts on “Voiceless voice of an opinion

  1. This is a pertinent explanation of systemic oppression. Speaking out and representing the under represented is an important way to break the chain.

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