Behind Mysticism!

Mysticism is not subjective nor can be quantified. It can neither be taken into account from various perspective .

It is abstract in such manner , as the fog on the mountain top. It does clear with time and in this case with understanding.

Today, I don’t present the clearing of Mysticism but the thoughts it provokes. Let’s dive into the ocean of the mind, it probably knows everything but nothing indeed. It is like a blunt sword, of no use until sharpened by the right materials.

Mystic feelings hits a nerve of the brain which tracks all our brains down to one thing. Who are we?

Though we don’t understand this feeling completely, we feel in utmost bliss. It feels like the the cold and serene droplets of a rain shower pouring into our soul. The word Mysticism is truly something which though can defined it’s true identifiable meaning is missing. Mystic elements are something which exists deep within us but our external pressure and forces hold us back from unveiling it.

Mysticism is understanding of one’s truest self. I cannot claim to be a mountain if I don’t know the stones and rocks that build me. If I know myself, I am well defined and this perfection probably makes me a mystic to the naked eye.

I apologize to my readers for the break I took abruptly but sometimes we can’t find inspiration no matter how hard we try we need to wait for it to find us.

See you … Till next time.

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