What is ART?

A word consisting of just three syllables describes the whole concept of human expression. Art can be described as any form where human feeling and experiences are accounted spontaneously with powerful flow of emotions.

Art is multi – formed , it can be dancing , literature or painting and forms probably of which we aren’t even aware of. Sometimes we can infer that everything we do in life is art and everyone is an unique artist. Everyone has their own style , their own masterstrokes and their own way to put colours to different circumstances.

Art is such a mystic element that cannot be defined with mere power of just words. Every feeling communicated is art in this world.

People sometimes limit art only to certain objects or forms and struggle of understanding those forms but they are definitively wrong. Every action is like a paintbrush rubbing on the canvas. Every flow of energy is like a new colour on our pallet. Together we all can paint the world anyway we like. We just have to realize the ART.

” The master art of the world”.

Art is a energy which is felt by everyone. The one’s who harness and utilize this energy to spread awareness are called artists.

We my friends the are the artists who will keep discovering new methods along the way of life and make this world a better place to live in.

Art is complex but simple to those who are willing to perceive it.

– Sohom Niyogi

Stay Home , Stay Safe

Be inspired…

A special thanks for the award nominations my friends. I shall acknowledge with write ups shortly.


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