Money has enslaved the world!

Here are we, the people of the world ,who have fought against it all be it racism , caste system or Slavery and we have emerged victorious always and have abolished these social evils.

In the scheme of larger things, very few of us have realized that man still remains enslaved by money. This is a living fact about the modern world. We can understand that money is important for survival in the world as it is a medium for exchange of essential goods.


“Money is not everything”

I am sure we have often seen people who have only one word in the their life’s dictionary “money”. Money cannot buy you everything. Their are people in the world who have been enslaved by money and it is the only thing they chase.

All the people who say that money is proportionate to your happiness , they are utterly wrong. It is not how much you have but what you make with the little you have that makes you happy.

A Man can be very rich but yet not contend.

Because Money is no where related to happiness.

It is important to understand that money is “human made resource” to ease trade amongst people. It is not a piece of your soul.

Sometimes , The Ultimate realization of a man stands that however rich you are your grave is not gonna be of gold. You are finally gonna leave your worldly belonging behind.

This would make us realize that only chasing money would equal to wasting your precious time in life.

Chase your Goals and make the world a better place , don’t let money be a devil and mislead you.

Stay Home and Stay Safe…

Be Inspired….

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