What is FEAR???

Fear is a sensation which alerts our minds of any danger around. Like all other emotions, Fear is also complex and subjective. There is no justification of saying that we don’t need to fear anything.

We can classify fear into what is required and what is unnecessary. It is important to understand that fear is a emotion which is meant for self protection. Completely neglecting it is foolishness and being overwhelmed by it puts people in the same category.

There certain places where fear is necessary like the fear of diseases which makes us hygienic and the fear of God which keeps us on the right path.

The Fear of Failure is man made and completely unnecessary. If you don’t fail , you will never learn. This is where fear management should take place in our minds. We should learn to identify and control our fears. It is one of the steps towards gaining self control and probably the toughest.

The Mysteries of Fear and the working of the mind expand way beyond this article and only self discovery shall reveal its secrets.

Stay Home and Stay Safe.

I apologize for not posting yesterday as I had kind of a brain jam and did not want to force out content.

Thank you for sticking around.

Be Inspired….

8 thoughts on “What is FEAR???

  1. Good and relevant post….
    The first steps of a child starts with failure and then only success pours in. If people starts realising it soon, they can reach more heights.
    Wonderful article.

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