Is there a system or Is there no system just masked shame?

Everday is another, where I wake up to the lamentations of my motherland who laments the darkness of the filth present in herself. She cries seeing the children of her cradle perish due to presence of few narrow minded who so responsibly stay in power or to be exact the house of the parliament. The very incompetence of such people handicap my motherland from the pinnacle of her glory. It is not a house rather a sleeping house.

I look to the streets and see people who cannot feed, people who have no place to shelter, people who have no one. The only thing I can see from that is the oppressor and the oppressed. Who says slavery doesn’t exist in modern times. Wage labourers of today are the modern slaves. The blind house only empowers the oppressor no one works for benefit of people but only for selfish motive. Our systems are nothing but masked shame, If actually there existed pure systems. Why does my mother land still lament? Why do my people still fight only for bare existence and not for flourishing?

I small hollow in a system can break it down but what a shame our system itself is completely hollowed.

People in my motherland are no different from the foreign who played the card of divide and rule. The people and politicians of my motherland also divide and rule , they divide us because of our various cultural differences they jeopardize the fraternity that may have built with my united motherland.

Many people may have been observant of the situation but walk , having left my motherland in stillness who has nothing but the shadow of the most darkest characters and the most incompetent minds to lead her.

Why do we have over 500 people to lead when a situation that may arise will correspond to only a specific area of expertise. Even if I consider 40 eligible for that matter, basically the rest 460 are misleading my motherland with their narrow minded and incompetent views. A man of noble character cannot take his place their as if he tries to glorify his motherland, the incompetent house still votes against.

We as the children of our motherland should act in power to remove and flaws which makes our mother stumble and fall. We shall rise to glory when such a system is fixed or abolished. We will not sleep and get divided like the politicians of incapacity expect us to.

We will make our motherland proud!!

3 thoughts on “Is there a system or Is there no system just masked shame?

  1. That shows how this system restrain people and control us through various surveillance all corners of cities ,phones and at large scale internet and social network sites

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