Friendship is eternal

Friendship starts with the word friend in it. This word friend is very diverse and complicated. If you add a gender before friend . It has a different meaning and if you say best before friend it has a different meaning. Finding friendship is easy but finding good friends is tough.

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Good friends come only once and they bring out the best in you.They know you even better than your sibling or your parents. They are the most loyal people whom you could trust telling even your most embarrassing thing. They are a key to survival.


Take example of lion : Alone he will hunt and survive on his own, but when he is with his pride he is one of the most tough things to get to.

Friends act like a shield from anyone who try to hurt you. Even if they know they will loose . The will fight for you until even they have broken a bone or two.


Friendship is not made it is found and matched.

Finding friendship is not the only goal. Maintaining it and play your part of the friendship is the real adventure in the world.

No one in this world and stand steady without friendship. Like a building without pillars would collapse, a man without friendship will also.

Friends will never leave, even if you have a brawl with them. That’s why you can’t say he is my best brother but you van say he is my best friend.

Dedicated to my friends Samuel , Harsha and Debadutta

Thanks for reading,


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5 thoughts on “Friendship is eternal

  1. Very well written Sohom 👏👏👏. Your blogs are so interesting and informative to read. I hope that u write many more excellent blogs in the upcoming days. Keep it up Sohom!!!


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