Status hinders humanity

Humanity is a feeling for our kind which has be engraved deep into us since our existence but social evils like status throw the word humanity into a darker meaning.

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Status is nothing but a piece of useless showoff of power to threaten or scare someone. Status is one of the worst social evils whose practice still exists . This very word(status) has divided this world into tiny pieces , what is the the difference between a person with two different status. Their is no difference but few unhealthy minds has spoilt and stained this world whose life was like a white piece of paper.


This world is worthless where a purity and unity has dirt on its shirt by the word status. During caveman, No one was rich or poor we human lived and developed on each others support and help and now when we have even advanced brains and quality to think the future, what has happen to this world which is separated by status.


Life is more worth then few worthless pieces of paper. It is a very harsh truth but truth is what that has to be accepted and to be implicated.

This world needs people who understand the human values and not the blinders of the the society, this world needs people who have the same vision for everyone. We shall stand united. “United we rise, Divided we fall”

And we are falling as a race who has developed in technology but has forgot his basic values, a race who has forgot to stand up together and fight , a race who has no happiness for each other but just jealous.

This world can only be fixed by people who understand the world well enough to know its darkness and throw a bright flash of light and bring brightness and end the night of the problems between status and humanity.


— Sohom Niyogi

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