Are problems the solution to itself?

Problems are the lock which hinders a person from moving on to a another stage. This lock has a vast locking system and also effects the mental health of the person. Now how to know that your problem is the solution to itself:

  1. Avoid comments and society magnification

Society magnification is no new term but it is a practice of the society criticizing you of your problem and making it look even tougher to solve. “No problem is too big, no man is too small”. Avoiding society magnification enables you to crack open you problem by understanding it by a calm piece of mind.

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2. Sacrifice

People define sacrifice as a give up for someone, but in this case it is just molding your thoughts into a key to open the lock which has hindered you from moving to the next. It is important to understand that a problem doesn’t last long if you have the will to face and fight it.


3. Be positive

Take problems as an opportunity to learn and carve new skills and weapons to fight against the demons of life. A problem is like an master who is shaping you for an war. a problem teaches you how to finish another problem because this world is round everything which crosses you might come back again so it is better to be ready.


And the ultimate weapon is “Never give up”, all problems are scared of this one fact and it makes the problems give up and make a solution itself.

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines”.

— Sohom Niyogi

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