Shaping the Future

Future is determined on what we today. This dying globe lacks responsible individuals who can fight against the shadows of the society to create a globe in which peace , harmony and brotherhood are the main ideals. 

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It is shocking to see the contrast between the simple nature’s plans against the violent blooded man. It is surprising to see how greedy man is, so greedy that he doesn’t realize he is destroying his race and his home. It is a real priority to think what “man has made of man” , said by the poet- William Wordsworth. We humans are threat to our own self. Humans run on the dirty fuel of power and money. “Money can’t buy everything”– Someone had said but he the evil methods of the people around us defy that thought. 

History of man is filled with bloodshed. The realization of the importance of one another could have changed this world. 

People say one man can’t make a difference. You need the dirty fuel to make influence but at his every point on the globe we stand ,  we realize but we are afraid to speak. What are we afraid of . Have you ever realized why you were sent in this very form and not as an animal. Is the reason to be powerful or is the reason to be remembered. 

It is none of them. The reason is probably because you have the capability to be a change yourself.

After reading this if you have realized the importance of your presence, then make it be felt all over the society. “Be the change you want to see”–Mahatma Gandhi and shape the future.

— Sohom Niyogi

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