Life at School

Life at school or school life is tough but this tough is the struggle and efforts that shapes the pot of life.


At primary school

Life was as simple as it could be. Work ,sleep and play. These days are always the most precious one’s. Only the people who have it no more realize it’s importance. It is common for everyone to not realize the importance of the existence of the stage we live in so they say it is important to cherish the current moments.

At middle school

I have always run out of words describing this one. This is the transition period of life , this very stage decides the person you are gonna be for the rest of your existence, Life becomes very unexpected at this stage. You probably know what I mean. Things are also funny things at this stage. Their is nothing infective enough that Laughter couldn’t solve.

At High school

This life is a pressure cooker. Their are few key words to be efficient in this stage: Swag, Marks and popularity without these,this stage is a rough ride but if you had none of them it’s probably because you were even unique or probably that you are missing a key ingredient to all these. Now don’t even ask what the key ingredient is, this ingredient is like talent (you have to find it on your own). But after all these, finally the day comes when this bumpy road comes to an end. The feeling is probably undefinable because the bumps are crossed but also the vehicle in which helped you cross it, will no longer be with you.

The life ahead is a run a run in which you will sprint , fall , get up and sprint again.

Don’t take life as it comes when you have a chance to change it, just do it as that moment will never come back to you.

— Sohom Niyogi

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